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They continued: 'Like her first surgery, day one after the operation, Sandra is up and energized, and it was the third and fourth days that were the toughest last time, but she is determined to go home later on today, even if that means "hosting" a pick line (sic) or med line for IV infusions, as she must stay on massive antibiotics for a couple of weeks to fight against infection.In good spirits: Sandra Lee is seen 'poppin' a pose' in her hospital gown on Wednesday morning - just hours before she was due to be picked up by her boyfriend, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and taken home 'Energized': In a Facebook post (above) shortly after noon on Wednesday, Lee's team said the 49-year-old Food Network star is 'energized', 'happy' and 'simply wants to go home' after her operation for an infection'Her medical team reports that everything went very well.By 1972, the girls' parents had divorced; their mother remarried, moving them to Sumner, Washington.When Lee was 11, her mother divorced for a second time.Each episode contains an arts and crafts element, in which Lee decorates the table setting in accordance with the theme of the meal that she just prepared. Lee's second Food Network series, Sandra's Money Saving Meals, began airing on May 10, 2009.the review's author received a response "that was more impassioned than I anticipated", with most readers agreeing with the article.Governor Cuomo remains with Sandra in the recovery room, as her anesthesia subsides.She was insistent that he please have some dinner, and that her nurses do the same - and that they get some ice cream for dessert.'Sandra was very thirsty, but the nurses told her she still had to wait to drink water, but maybe they could negotiate with an ice chip?

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At 15, following a beating by her mother, Lee moved in with her boyfriend, Duane, and on June 30, 1982, left for Wisconsin to live with her father and his girlfriend.

' Support: After she returns home, Lee will undergo regular nursing care so she does not develop any more infections.

Above, the celebrity chef is pictured with Cuomo in April, a month before her double mastectomy Getting ready to leave: Lee (pictured in hospital earlier this year) has been keeping fans updated on her condition via social media after undergoing her grueling double mastectomy, which followed a lumpectomy Support: Lee has shared photos of Cuomo, 57, supporting her both before and after her two surgeries.

The 44-year-old, who is the long-term partner of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, told Vogue how she was abandoned as a toddler by her teenage mother, mentally and physically abused by her stepfather, and by the age of 12, responsible for the care of four younger siblings.

Cooking up an empire: Sandra Lee, pictured in the home she shares with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, told Vogue about the harrowing childhood that inspired her hit Semi-Homemade book and television series 'Instead of making truffles from scratch, I realised I could use pre-made chocolate icing, adding extra confectioners’ sugar and vanilla extract.

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