Updating the assembly version date time

While this works it is a hassle and can have some undesirable side effects during development depending on the implementation. This method can then easily be called in your _layout.cshtml page to show the date of the deployment on every page.

I recently found a great solution to this problem while working on an ASP. In addition, you can also choose to show it on an about page or other location of your choice.

I just posted a new task, Assembly Info Task, at Got Dot Net.

Is having Hudson increment the version number a bad idea? Ideally, my criteria for a solution would be one that: Working this out in my head, I could easily come up with a solution to most of this through batch files / commands, but all of my ideas would cause Hudson to trigger a new build the next time it scans.If you want consistent formatting for multiple locations, you could create another method that provides a formatted string.Sets up a c# project to automatically generate extended version information attributes on each build using various predefined or customized patterns. Net version as long as Ms Build 4.0 or newer is used (Visual Studio 2010 ). This means that each of the four parts can be any number in the range zero to 65,536.Myself and my group are horrendous at incrementing assembly version numbers and we frequently ship assemblies with versions. We're getting a lot better with our practices via our CI platform and I'd really like to set it up to auto increment the values within the or the command line (can't remember), but with Hudson, that will update the SVN repository and trigger ANOTHER build.

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