Updating scandisk flash drive wirth files

Today, San Disk is ready to debut a second-generation i Xpand Flash Drive, introducing the same file transfer functionality in a smaller package with faster USB 3.0 transfer speeds and a revamped app that makes it easier to use.

Available in 16, 32, 64, and 128GB capacities, the i Xpand can back up a full photo library and store a wide range of media files that can be viewed directly from the drive.

One for Wireless Flash Drives that shipped with 16GB or 32GB capacity and one for Wireless Flash drives that ship with 64GB capacity. Make sure to put it in the root or main directory and not in a sub folder.

However, streaming content such as movies and music is dependent on the file support provided by your mobile device.San Disk Secure Access v3.0 is a fast, simple way to store and protect critical and sensitive files on San Disk USB flash drives.Access to your private vault is protected by a personal password, and your files are automatically encrypted - so even if you share your San Disk® USB flash drive or it becomes lost or stolen, access to your files are safe.With the drive you can backup your photos and videos that are taking up precious storage space on your device, provided your phone or tablet supports the USB OTG (On The Go) standard.The added benefit of this drive is that you can then turn around and quickly transfer your backed up photos and videos to your computer with a transfer speed of up to 130MB/s with the USB 3.0 end of the drive.

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