Revalidating windows xp dating yen

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Now as much as I love Azure, there’s more to the web than just their management portal and indeed Microsoft pulling the pin on their own elder-statesman browser is hardly evidence of support dropping off the cliff. Them: Actually, it doesn’t look like Git Hub works with IE 8 anymore. As it turns out, yes, seriously, IE 8 is now no longer supported by Git Hub: Now I’m not making any of this up – for reasons beyond their control, the folks I was working with were constrained to IE 8 which means things simply stopped working.I still have the disk, but all of the licenses on it are used up.Is there any way to get another license key without paying the 0 for a new copy of Windows? I read that this doesn't give you access to Microsoft tech support, so is the option of calling and requesting a new one not possible?The hard drives are the same except for serial number, however, but I don't think that makes any difference.I don't think a hard drive change is enough to trigger a need to reactivate.

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