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available, these are the nine types of guys I’d censor from my online dating world in an instant: ‘Big dicks only’? I like big dicks as much as the next person, but not at the expense of a soul.Similarly, muscles, six packs and huge shoulders are hot – but if you do not possess them, that does not automatically make you not hot. Three hours later, I’m contacted by the same headless, anonymous torso. I want to block him, but I can’t without upgrading my subscription.

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The online dating also gives more opportunities to connect with people you might never otherwise have the chance to date.

In this list you will find a collection of the best and most popular international online dating sites.

When it comes to app culture, there are extensive filters to choose from.

Worse still was the guy I blocked, writing me from another account, calling me a ‘fat turtle’ (yes, a fat turtle), before threatening to punch my mother in the face.

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