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But what is it that makes trainers (or tennis coaches, or yoga instructors) so alluring that not even European royalty or trophy wives—or their husbands, since the phenomenon applies to trainers of both sexes—can resist their charms?

What is it that turns so many sweaty kettle bell classes into afternoon assignations, so many stretching sessions into slippery slopes? " says Magen Banwart, a vibrant blonde Manhattan-based yoga instructor whose client roster includes hedge fund tycoons and fashion designers.

Unbeknownst to him, his wife is also having an affair with her boss, and his mistress has no intention of going quietly.

The gym becomes a place where vulnerability meets temptation. "Very often it's the woman who married a rich man, who thought that was what she wanted, but now she really doesn't care about the money and wants to be in love," says James Lindenberg, a personal trainer on the Upper East Side. I don't know too many women willing to toss aside their Park Avenue penthouses for a shot at true romance, let alone a single roll in the hay with a Tom Brady lookalike.Little do they realize that the relationships they have entered into are not what they seem.Pastor Tracy and his wife Pauletta look like the perfect "Baptist power couple" - until Tracy falls for Tyonne, a close friend of his son William.He had suspicions that she was sneaking around with a man that lives in on the Upper East Side, which is exactly where Find My Friends said she was located.Find My Friends is a feature that shows you the general location of other i Phone users that have agreed to let you see their location.

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