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If it wasn’t for the insane falsetto Justin throws down, we might not recognize him at all!In the video, Justin portrays “Lil’ Sweet,” — who is “self-employed” but apparently goes around spreading the gospel of Diet Dr. It’s hilarious — and something you should definitely check out in the video above! Pepper commercial went viral just weeks after l, Justin kept busy by dropping his self-titled debut album, plus a second album and an EP.“I remember being so blown away, I wanted to get into that genre! We love taking our kids to Bryant Park to go ice-skating. He’s the head of hair departments on Broadway, and I go to whatever theater he’s in — I like to stay close to my people.The big challenge is getting them into their skates, off the benches and onto the ice without anyone falling down and breaking anything. And it’s so beautiful there — you’re literally [skating] in the middle of Manhattan, surrounded by the library and all those tall buildings. It’s not near there, but it has frozen hot chocolate. I did “Romeo and Juliet” with him, and now he’s doing Glenn Close’s hair [during] “Sunset Boulevard.” It’s nice, because I get to see some theaters I haven’t played in, and I get to see my friends. It's the perfect time and place for three young women from Texas and a trio of college guys from Pennsylvania to find adventure and maybe even fall in love.

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I feel like we weren't dating during [From Justin to Kelly] but I feel like maybe we did." "So, you dated a little bit? "We did date a little bit," Clarkson, 32, explained.Season 1 runner-up looks completely different in the 30-second clip.Not only is he digitally altered to look small, he donned a maroon wig, hiding his signature curly hair."And we've done stage kisses and romance scenes and everything before, so it wasn't anything big." And if Guarini's plot synopsis of the movie if any indication, "From Justin to Kelly" isn't quite the typical sappy love story.Sure, it starts good and dandy with the two experiencing a sort of love at first sight, but they soon see spring break is not the easiest place to fall in love.

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