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No one wants to be on a double date with a bickering couple.

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You want fun friends that are lively, respectful of you and happy together.

Sooner or later someone suggests a phone call or a coffee or a drink and then the actual flirtation begins, sometimes to good effect, many times not. 40% of singles, with the number growing, use online dating sites.

A 2007 survey reported 1 in 7 Americans knew a relatively stable couple who had met online. In fact, when someone in my practice is single and they don't at least try a site or two I begin to think they may be expressing some ambivalence, unaddressed sexual conflicts, fractured self-esteem, fears of change, or other intimacy issues.

For some people, dating is the ultimate anxiety inducer. Getting to know someone in a group setting takes the edge off both of you.

Cue the nerves, the stuttering, and – ouch – the awkward silences. A double date takes a lot of the pressure off you, making it easy to be yourself. It’s easier to keep conversation flowing with more people, which significantly reduces (eliminates? Your mind will be less consumed with anxiety, so you’ll have the chance to actually get to know your date and have fun. A double date is key if you’re sort of into someone, but not sure how you’d do one-on-one. Having a good time as a group will give your date a good impression of you and leave him or her feeling like it was a success, and you’re awesome.

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