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I know, I know…just lost major romantic points here. Many years ago, however, we did a competition for who could create the best dates for or less.The great thing is Keith is very similar in his sensibilities. We swapped off weekends and each week, one of us would be responsible for planning our next great adventure. One of his dates involved taking me to a Patti La Belle with Frankie Beverly and Maze concert. Let’s not talk about the group of guys seated below us who missed the memo that marijuana wasn’t legal in California. Now, if you have neighbors who can see into your backyard or if you’re in an apartment, it may be best to just open the window in your bedroom.In the beginning, the reason for dating is to get to know someone better to see if this is a good fit.After marriage, the reason for dating to know your spouse better to ensure a good fit. The bottom line is dating your spouse is only as beneficial as a person makes it.The best explanation I’ve heard is that dating prior to marriage is the equivalent of an elementary education of a person. Rather, it should be just beginning with a desire to have a Ph. Marriage requires work both individually and as a couple.While there is no quick fix, dating is an excellent place to start.And as our family has grown we’ve found ourselves dating even less. :) Last month we announced that we would be embarking…

Yet many still see this as a waste of time, energy and money.I will be the first to admit that I am pretty bad at planning any sort of date.Mainly because I work such long hours that an amazing date for me involves staying home, not getting dressed and simply snuggling on the couch not doing much of anything.They need you and your spouse to be great parents and great lovers.Read more Series Of all the seasons of the year, Christmas is the best time to set our "Me-and-God" theology aside and discover afresh what it means to participate in the Global Brotherhood of the Redeemed.

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