Dating faux pas

I arranged four or five dates through Tinder and cancelled them all because I couldn’t be bothered to go, when I did go on dates, the ultimate goal was to get drunk and have some good stories to tell and if a boy didn’t want to go out with me again (even if we’d slept together the night before so I had ultimately been pumped and dumped), it was no biggie.Some people feel 100 times more confident when they are a part of a loving relationship.We've all heard about certain taboo subjects that should never be touched upon in a dating setting – there's no need to share with the person sitting across from you that you've been constipated for the last three days and nothing – NOTHING! But, what not to talk about certainly isn't limited to bowel movements.Politics It's beyond trite to recommend that people don't talk about politics on a first date, yet it's true. While you’re on the search for an authentic connection with someone, you’re certain to have your fair share of awkward first meetings.Or, put a little more crudely, you’ve gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.They feel uplifted by their partner, given more confidence by having a permanent cheerleader on hand. So I asked an awkward question that socially should have been saved for the third of fourth date? So I invited my friend along because I was getting slightly bored of the date (more on that later). Even though my dating history is succinct, it is mildly entertaining.

Here’s the catch though - I’ve never really taken dating seriously.

One ex would have told me that I did this on purpose because I secretly wanted to break up with him.

Another would have scheduled a specific date on which we would talk about this, process this, and make new rules to prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

Trust me (because I should know): There’s a whole host of ways in which your date can go from 100% to, “OMG! It doesn’t matter how many people you’re dating right now — there’s no excuse for forgetting this guy’s name.

Sure, it may be a momentary glitch or a slip of your memory; but if this happens to you, you must let him know about it.

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