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Neither I`m not an artist, I did my best with the images...but it seems it is not enough, I`m sorry about that. A plain looking female who is downright scary ugly at times.

I am some sort of BBW and am not ashamed for you to admit it.Was redirected to another site, then had to download the game in order to play it. Even in normal mode, any remnants can be erased within a second with Ctrl-Shift-Del. @beadsworth You don`t have a clue how to works a browser, right? @Arizona The browser doesn`t cache items in Privacy mode. As such, most people view these sites in Privacy mode. More detail to writing and development and you could make better games.It`s safer than online games for you privacy, further the hosts of online games know when you are playing, in offline games nobody knows.I will not justify about the history, the facts are true but I`m not a writer.

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